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Entertainer's Secret Throat Relief Spray 60ml Bottle

Retail Price:

Your Price: $14.39

Entertainer's Secret will stop putting best by dates on the bottles because people were confusing that with expiration dates. If not stored in extreme hot or cold areas ES should be good for three or four years. Age may affect taste but not effectiveness of the product.

Relief for.....Throat Discomfort, Hoarse Voice & Congestion Caused by Excessive Dryness.

Are you experiencing throat irritation? Do annoying allergies or other respiratory problems bring on those inevitable episodes of dry, sore throat and scratchy, hoarse voice? Do you spend a lot of time speaking, singing, lecturing, selling, teaching, presenting, cheering, telephoning, preaching, performing, announcing, or just talking...

If so, you've found the right product! Since you're judged by your voice, you owe it to your listeners and yourself to sound and feel your very best. Don't worry, throat relief can be found in Entertainer's Secret.

Product Enhancements

Just when you thought Entertainer's Secret Throat Relief could not get any better... it has!

KLI Corp. is thrilled to introduce Entertainer's Secret Throat Relief with an extended nozzle. This directed spray allows for a more efficient and precise delivery to the back of the throat and vocal apparatus.

You spoke, and we listened. Entertainer's Secret is now:

> Easier to use
> Even better in providing rapid relief of hoarse voice, dry throat, vocal strain, etc. when due to dryness.

We invite you to join the thousands of satisfied users who have been sharing our "Secret"!

Entertainer's Secret has always been, and is still fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free... and offers the same great taste.


Entertainer's Secret is formulated to resemble natural secretions. Sodium carboxymethylcellulose, aloe vera gel, and glycerin – each a proxy for a naturally secreted type of mucus (globular, strand and sheet) – are blended into a buffered (via dibasic sodium phosphate), aqueous hypertonic (via potassium chloride) solution that is preserved with methyl and propyl parabens. Each ingredient has a very high safety profile.

Unlike some other sore throat remedies, it does NOT contain numbing anesthetics, alcohol, antiseptics, analgesics, antihistamines, decongestants, anti-inflammatory agents, or any other "medicinal" ingredient that can produce unwanted side effects. The improved honey-apple flavor imparts a pleasant mellow taste.

Pub Item #: 20003F
Format: Accessory
UPC: 728409847025
Instrument: Voice