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It’s all about the Preparation!

Both Private and School Piano teachers face different types of challenges while planning their lessons for the week. Regardless of the setting, much preparation is involved with any lesson plan to ensure the students are learning as much as possible. Lessons can range from basic music history, to learning how to play.

So, what must each Piano teacher keep in mind while they develop their plans week-to-week?

Private Piano Teachers
Private Piano teachers must do an evaluation on each student they will teach throughout the week. It’s important to go over what was already taught, what the student struggled with, their strengths, genre preference, etc. Each student is unique and must be treated as such. Private piano teachers cannot have one plan for everyone, because they may teach students of various ages and skill levels. Private piano teachers need to make sure their music sheet collection contains a wide variety to tailor to all of these individual needs (and that’s what we’re here for!).

School Piano Teachers School Piano teachers have a lot to think about! Since they must cater to a group of aspiring musicians, every student needs to be taken into consideration. They need to make sure whatever lesson is planned, that it is engaging and exciting to keep the attention of the entire class, no matter what size or age group. School piano teachers must acknowledge that each student in the class has a different personality, so they need to think of a lesson that will inspire each student to want to learn. Keeping an eye on the entire class is key to being successful; school piano teachers need to make sure everyone is following along and on the same pace.

Students should know that their teachers are here to help them and that they care about their future! Through proper preparation and catering lessons to each student’s ability and aspirations, students will value your hard work and will be better prepared to become successful musicians!

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By MusicTime
Date Posted : 9/18/2013
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